People keep telling you that you should see an orthodontist, but if you’re honest, you’re a bit confused about why you should. 

After all, you don’t need braces, or perhaps you feel as if you’re too old to get them. 

What many people don’t realize is orthodontists do much more than just help to straighten crooked teeth. 

Read on to learn why you should see an orthodontist — and the kinds of treatment and benefits scheduling an orthodontist consultation can offer you.  

1. To Treat Sleep Apnea

About 22 million American adults currently suffer from sleep apnea. 

This can affect not only your sleep and health but also your partner’s quality of sleep. Interestingly, sleep apnea is usually caused by a blockage of the airway — usually by the tongue. 

Orthodontists can help to correct this by widening your arches to create more space for your tongue in the mouth. 

2. To Correct Jaw Misalignment

If you’ve suffered from a sports injury or even trauma from a fall or car crash, your jaw alignment may have been affected. In some cases, your jaw may be misaligned even without any sort of direct trauma. 

You should see an orthodontist to learn about how you can correct this issue. 

This is especially important because a misaligned jaw can directly impact the appearance of your facial shape and lead to tooth wear and possible fractured/broken teeth. 

3. To Avoid Dental Issues down the Line

You also need to see an orthodontist to prevent future dental and overall oral health issues. 

For example, if your teeth are too crowded in your mouth, problems can quickly arise. 

This overcrowding can make it very difficult to floss your teeth, meaning that trapped bacteria is much more likely to cause serious tooth decay and gum disease.  

The same goes if you leave an overbite or underbite untreated for too long. In addition to having potential problems with speaking, chewing, and in some cases, even breathing, a poor bite can harm your gums and damage your teeth. 

Schedule an orthodontic consultation now to take preventative action for yourself or your child. 

4. To Boost Self-Confidence

We all want to feel more confident in life. But if you or your child have crooked teeth, discoloration, or other dental problems, it can be incredibly difficult. The feelings aren’t just “in your head,” either. 

Studies show that those who have straighter teeth are seen as more attractive, more competent in the workplace, and even better romantic mates. 

You may feel reluctant to go after the opportunities that you want — and deserve — in life because of your bad teeth. 

Perhaps getting your confidence back is the most important reason for scheduling an orthodontic consultation. 

Are You Ready to See an Orthodontist?

From helping you to conquer sleep apnea to ensuring that you feel confident enough to share your smile with the world, now is the time to see an orthodontist. 

Make sure you work with an experienced professional with a special focus on providing superior patient care. 

Looking to meet with the best orthodontist in your area? 

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